Amethyst – A Dark World Series Companion Story

imageedit_5_6902515340Amethyst is a companion story to Kell Frillman’s Dark World Series.

Amethyst, born in 2058, was forever a disappointment for not possessing the advanced gene her mother had been trying to alter in future generations. Raised in the isolated underground complex that contained what was left of humanity after the invasion of 2022, Amethyst was expected from a young age to bear the burden of The Complex’s darkest secrets.
At the age of twenty, a teenager is discovered to have the advanced gene that Amethyst’s mother, SueLee, and her scientists had been trying to achieve. Amethyst must make a choice. Will she finally join her mother’s obsession with unlocking the dormant abilities of the human mind, or will she help the teenager, Ruby, expose the lies of Doctrine?

“Amethyst” is FREE, and it is available for Kindle / Nook / Etc HERE.