The Surface Girl – Dark World Series Volume 1

The Surface Girl is the first installment of a six-book series. It is currently available on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99, or FREE if you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. It is also available in Print for $10.99 (and free shipping for Prime members.)

In the year 2078, sixteen-year-old Ruby lives in an underground complex designed to protect humanity from a planet that post-alien invasion, can no longer sustain life. While exploring abandoned passageways, Ruby stumbles upon a lost little girl with plenty of secrets of her own. Submitting to her compulsion to protect this child, Ruby begins to question the validity of everything she had been brought up to believe in.

Caught between the desire to be loyal to her family and the desperate need to uncover the lies that surround her, Ruby fears that loyalty to one person she loves will inadvertently cause her to betray another. Stuck in a whirlwind where the lines of love, hate, fear, confusion, and forced ignorance are blurred, the lives of those she holds dear are dependent upon whom she chooses to trust, protect and believe.

“The story flows through suspense and curiosity gripping the mind of the reader and this is filled with many twists and turns which I highly enjoyed. Wonderful Read!”

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