Amethyst – 1 Day Countdown

Here it is, one day until the release of my short story, “Amethyst” I’m still (because procrastination is my conjoined twin) trying to fine-tune the prose on my “author’s notes” … Continue reading Amethyst – 1 Day Countdown

“Amethyst” – 2 Day Countdown!

“Wait, did I miss some days of the countdown?” No, you did not! I skipped four whole days of the countdown and I’m not even a little bit sorry. My … Continue reading “Amethyst” – 2 Day Countdown!

“Amethyst” – 8 Day Countdown

Only eight more days until the release of my new short story, Amethyst, on Kindle! I’m so excited that I have this opportunity to explore the Dark World Universe beyond Ruby, … Continue reading “Amethyst” – 8 Day Countdown

“Amethyst” – 9 Day Countdown

Nine days and counting until the #kindle release of my new short story “Amethyst” that takes place in the Dark World Universe! Wahoo! Who is Amethyst? Even though the core … Continue reading “Amethyst” – 9 Day Countdown

“Amethyst” – 10 Day Countdown!

I’m s00per exc1teD – Ten days and counting until my new short story “Amethyst” is released on #Kindle! It will be available for download on December 29th, 2017. “Amethyst” is … Continue reading “Amethyst” – 10 Day Countdown!

Dark World: Ruby’s Love for Reese

“I couldn’t help but fall in love with Reese. His eyes were intense; a deep spiral of brown that drew my emeralds toward them like a magnet. His full, pouty … Continue reading Dark World: Ruby’s Love for Reese

DailyBlog : What I Can’t Live Without

** The first two books in my six part dystopian series have officially made their way out into the world! Check them out! For the sake of blogging and self-exploration … Continue reading DailyBlog : What I Can’t Live Without

DailyBlog : Quotes That Hit

I was reading this stupid thing because Facebook had it and I clicked on it … and it was about Disney villains (YES I’M WORKING BUT I JUST FINISHED A … Continue reading DailyBlog : Quotes That Hit

DailyBlog : How You Speak of Others

I spent years feeling very frustrated by the behaviors of others until I realized that it’s a big enough world where, if someone is not willing to grow and be … Continue reading DailyBlog : How You Speak of Others

If I Had a Son

I’m not a mother of human children and I don’t anticipate that ever changing, but when I hear about, and personally experience the misogyny in our culture, I can’t help … Continue reading If I Had a Son