Jabberwocky Pre-Order is LIVE!

Pre-Order for “Jabberwocky” is LIVE! I have been so blown away by all of the love “Ask Alice” has received, and I’m even more excited to continue her story and … Continue reading Jabberwocky Pre-Order is LIVE!

Dark World Series: Flawed Protagonists

As I continue working on the fourth novel in this series and also looking back on the first three, I find myself thinking of a recent (and only) one-star review … Continue reading Dark World Series: Flawed Protagonists

Dark World Series – January Free Promotion!

We Survived 2020. Literally NO ONE had an easy year. If you’d like to escape the Trumpocalypse and lose yourself in a fictional world just a tiny bit more messed … Continue reading Dark World Series – January Free Promotion!

Top 1000! Yay!

Making the choice to publish independently is not a decision to be taken lightly. In the end, after researching all the things that traditional publishers control when it comes to … Continue reading Top 1000! Yay!

“Amethyst” – 2 Day Countdown!

“Wait, did I miss some days of the countdown?” No, you did not! I skipped four whole days of the countdown and I’m not even a little bit sorry. My … Continue reading “Amethyst” – 2 Day Countdown!

“Amethyst” – 8 Day Countdown

Only eight days until “Amethyst”, a companion story for my Dark World Series, is released on Kindle! Did I mention it’s going to be FREE to download? 🙂 Cringe-worthy prose … Continue reading “Amethyst” – 8 Day Countdown

Dark World: Ruby’s Love for Reese

“I couldn’t help but fall in love with Reese. His eyes were intense; a deep spiral of brown that drew my emeralds toward them like a magnet. His full, pouty … Continue reading Dark World: Ruby’s Love for Reese