“Game of Thrones meets a demon apocalypse”

Potent in magic and pure of blood defined the power of Castle Astaseul, but decades of exile shadowed their existence with an obsession for vengeance. A dark mating ritual with the demon of lust unlocks the key to their rampage of revenge, but they will soon find out that every moral compromise comes with a heavy price.

* This serial contains adult-themed content.

The Dark and The Damned  is a serialized dark fantasy serial story making its debut on Kindle Vella! New “episodes” are added twice weekly.

Chapter 1 – Conception
Rainlynn of Castle Astaseul mates with the demon of lust in a dark ritual that will provide her family with the power to return to the land they were banished from two decades earlier and take back what they feel is rightfully theirs.
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Chapter 2 – Rainlynn’s Lovers
Several years after Conception, Rainlynn must face one of the difficult and dark consequences of her choice to mate with Asmodeus.
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Chapter 3 – Deacon
We meet one of Rainlynn’s exclusive vassals, only he has his sights set on her dangerous daughter, Allura.
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Chapter 4 – Fathers and Sons
Our first glimpse at Alta Silva, the land that Castle Asteseul was banished from; meet Lando, son of the king, and his naive refusal to cooperate with the bride chosen for him by his castle.
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Chapter 5 – Not Today
Meet Mecia of Castle Sinclair, the “bride” chosen for Lando, only she’s been ‘serving’ his father for years as her own castle plans to manipulate their way to the crown.
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Chapter 6 – Deacon’s Plan
Deacon came from hunble and starving beginnings in the pits that surround Castle Asteseul, but his interest in Allura is only a manipulation in order to secure a better future for himself when Castle Asteseul takes back Alta Silva.
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Chapter 7 – The Stable Vassal
Back in Alta Silva, we meet Elara Elrod, wife of King Taloan Elrod and mother of Lando, and her sad story of lost love and forced marriage comes to light as well as her marital deviations.
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