DailyBlog : Asking Questions

**As a belated 2015 New Years Resolution, I decided I would write a daily (or, almost daily, I know some days I just won’t be able to find the time) blog answering a thought provoking question from a long list of questions I found here in a quest of self exploration.

Today’s Chosen Question :
Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

HAH. Hahahahahahaha.
Er, sorry. Thats just a little bit funny to me. I ask ENDLESS, RELENTLESS questions all the time, and I am not the least bit apologetic about it. Sometimes its a very good thing that I never settle for “just because” and other times… well… people probably want to strangle me. I never accept anything at face value. That isn’t to say that I try to make something out of nothing because honestly I don’t, but when I was little I demanded to know why the sky was blue (refection of the ocean) and why the grass was green. (Chlorophyll, which is used during photosynthesis.) My parents probably wanted to strangle me most of all because when they set rules, I demanded to know why said rules were important. I did not mind following rules as long as they were willing to provide a rational explanation as to why said rule was relevant/important/necessary/etc. As a result of absolutely needing an answer to every mundane thing, I am literally a factory of random knowledge/facts. Hey, you never know when it might come in handy to know that the reason so many people are lactose intolerant is because cows milk is (obviously) designed to feed baby cows but get this – it WASN’T intended for human consumption! Makes you look back at your childhood and the constant insistence that you should drink milk because its good for you, hm? Its not actually as good for you as we think. It contains enzymes and other various things which are particularly difficult for our stomaches, designed differently than a calves stomach, to digest.

As I grew into an adult, my constant, incessant need to ask “why” started being pointed toward human behavior. I suppose that is one of the many reasons writing is literally essential to my survival… people do baffling, mysterious things and I always want to know WHY. What was that person thinking when they did -insert activity here-? How does a person rationalize -insert bizarre behavior here-? I am constantly observing things every day that I am just itching to understand, and I don’t see that stopping or changing anytime soon. I think I will probably always be the person that has to know everything and that never ever settles for ‘just because.’

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