DailyBlog : Why Is My Dog Famous?

My dog is cute. Not just normal “Aww a puppy!” cute but especially cute. This isn’t just mommy-goggles, its a constant thing whenever we are out and about that people deliberately stop to “AWW!” over my dog. They ask what kind of dog she is ALL THE TIME. (She’s a chorkie; chihuahua/yorkie.) She perks her huge dumbo-ears, stands on her hind legs and “dances” for people with her little tail wagging. She knows how to charm people and she does it deliberately.

But today was a little bit different.
I technically had the day off of work, although I did end up at work but I’ll get to that in a minute. I had a whole handful of errands to run. I left my apartment around noon with my dog (she’s 5lbs, walks fine on a leash but also has a doggy purse) and first we went to Starbucks. I got a frap for breakfast/lunch and sat outside for a while to eat it because it was a beautiful day. As usual people approached my dog and “AWW”‘d over her, but a young girl and guy (presumably early twenties) were especially smitten with her and bent down to take selfies of themselves with my dog. This seemed a little bit strange, but it was cute and I didn’t think much of it.

I finished my frap and headed to the north part of town to take Lily to the vets for a quick booster shot she needed. Then we headed back to the middle of downtown and I stopped by Macy’s to pick up some stuff for my work (Macy’s affiliated with my work to run a charity event.) I figured that since I might as well go drop them off at work because I have to run an event all day tomorrow and I’d like to sell the passes at the event which meant I had to organize them etc and clear it with my boss. As usual though, “stopping by work” on a day off turned into me working for three hours while my dog, sweet little pumpkin that she is, sat nicely on her “throne” (a miniature chair that is sitting on my desk for the time being) while I worked.

So after I got done with stuff at work, I was going to head for the grocery store. I was outside with Lily, and another couple approached my dog, “Aww” ‘d over her, and bent down to take selfies with her. At this point, I was raising an eyebrow with confusion…. people have taken pictures of my dog before but why all of the sudden, today, was it SELFIES, the way people would do if they ran into a celebrity on the street?

I got groceries. I started heading back downtown (I live downtown) and a guy walked past me and my dog, paused, and said, “Oh my GOD!” Bent down and took ANOTHER SELFIE.

So….. Who the F do people think my dog is?!?? I mean, granted she probably SHOULD be famous because she’s not just adorable but she WORKS it, she KNOWS all these little tricks and tactics on how to capture people’s attention and get them to love on her, but …… as of right now, she has not been cast in any major motion pictures. So um, who is her look-a-like aka WHY ARE PEOPLE FREAKING AND TAKING SELFIES WITH HER? I could have asked… but… it would have been even more awkward than watching them take selfless with my dog.

I am too lazy to post pictures here, but visit my Insta, there’s TONS of pics of her on there. If anyone can tell me if my dog has a famous look-a-like, I will send you a cookie. Note : A cookie and not cookies, I’m a cheapskate ;). I kid, I kid.

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