DailyBlog : where I find inspiration

For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I answer a question a day off of this list.

Today’s question : Where do you find inspiration?

The easy answer to this question is : Wherever I can!
I find inspiration in the small things, a person pausing and taking two seconds out of their day to say thank you, or to let you know they appreciate you.
I find inspiration in random acts of kindness, seeing someone do something for another that they don’t have to, and then not using it as a stepping stool to feel better about themselves or to seek recognition for it (by making sure everyone knows about it) or to hold that over someone’s head, but doing it simply because it’s the kind thing to do.

Actually – I think that’s really the bottom line of inspiration; the simplicity of being genuine. Of being kind simply because it’s in your heart to do so and having no ulterior motive.

I find inspiration in people willing to stand up for their beliefs, even if I don’t agree with their belief.

I find inspiration in people that are not afraid to be true to who they are no matter what judgment or ridicule they may receive from ignorant/misguided people.

Basically, I find inspiration in people who genuinely live life like they want to make the world a better, kinder, more accepting place.

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