DailyBlog : Top 5 Personal Values

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For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list.

Today’s question: What are your top five personal values?

  1. LOYALTY. I feel it’s important to be loyal to those in your life, and often I feel that I value this more than others. I don’t think this needs deeper explanation.
  2. COMPASSION / EMPATHY. I am a sensitive person by nature and that can sometimes make my daily life challenging. However, seeing what people are like when they don’t choose to have empathy and compassion for others has made me realize that a “bleeding heart” is far desirable to a shrugged, indifferent, cold shoulder. When you choose not to have compassion for another, you make them feel small, invisible, helpless. I have felt that way many time as a s, and I don’t ever want to be responsible for making someone else feel that way. Having compassion for others, especially when you are struggling to understand their choices, isn’t always easy, but it’s very important.
  3. HUMILITY. I suppose technically this is an off-shoot of compassion and empathy. Simply accept the fact that your value as a person is not greater, nor is it worse, than others, and never treat them, or yourself, as if you have more or less value.
    It is human nature that we will inevitably have opinions, likes, and dislikes when it comes to others and I am no exception, but I do not get to pass an ultimate judgment on another. For example, when someone has treated me horribly, I have no problem calling making them aware of how their behavior is affecting me, but there is a difference between saying “she is an awful person” and “she has been awful to me.” I think it takes a lot of arrogance and ignorance to pass ultimate judgment on another, or to decide that you have a right to devalue them. I will not allow people that behave that way to be a part of my life, ever.
  4. AUTONOMY. I value the right of all us to make choices in regard to our own lives based on what we feel is inherently right for us. We might not agree with or understand a choice another makes (yet again, a reminder that we have never walked in anyone’s shoes but our own), but as long as their choices are not not hurting others, its really not our place pass judgment or to get involved in someone’s business when they did not ask for our opinion. Respect the right of everyone to be themselves and to live their lives in whatever way they feel is right for them.
  5. WALKING YOUR TALK. This isn’t that complicated, do what you say you’re going to do, and if you talk big about yourself, be sure your actions match your words. I definitely value thinking carefully before making a promise or saying you’re going to do something.

    Do I always one hundred percent fall in line with my values? No, admittedly, I don’t, but I will admit when I’ve veered off course, and I will correct the direction I am taking. That’s all I ask of anyone else, as well.

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