DailyBlog : Why Religion Divides People

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For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list

Today’s Question : Why do religions that advocate unity divide the human race?

This is the million dollar question, is it not?!
I was raised in the Catholic Church, but I was still quite young (maybe nine or ten?) when I really began to feel uncomfortable with the things I was told. “God loves everyone” yet if you don’t get water poured over your forehead by a catholic priest before you die, you don’t get into heaven..? That never made sense to me.
“God loves everyone” but if you aren’t this specific religious label and you don’t believe and practice exactly what this specific religion teaches, you don’t get in to heaven.
When we were old enough to get “confirmed” into the church, I refused. I simply didn’t agree with the exclusion and the jury was out on my belief in God to begin with.
When I was a teenager, I got into Wicca. There was something that made so much sense to me about nature just being … nature. What goes around comes around, there’s a natural balance to things, etc.
As an adult, I haven’t practiced any religion, if I had to be labeled I’d use the term Agnostic. I don’t know what’s true, but it’s my belief that if you live your life trying to be a decent person, trying to learn from your mistakes, apologizing to people you hurt, and being true to yourself, whatever ends up being true in the end, you’ll be okay. I won’t get into my opinions about the religious depictions of “God” in this post because that’s too far off topic.

All religions are man-made and man-interpreted, and that’s why any and all religion, in my opinion, is fundamentally flawed and divisive. Most religions have the “we are the most accurate interpretation of the Bible” (or whatever reference they use to formulate their religion’s rules) and to me, that seems so bizarre and extremely opposite of what religion should be. I get it, life is hard, and we all want to believe in something to get us through it. But the thing is that our belief systems stem from our own life experiences and observations, and since we all know that no two people have the same experiences and observations, where do we find the arrogance to claim that the conclusions we draw based on our unique experiences and observations are the “RIGHT” ones, and how do people think that division is the way to “salvation”?

To summarize, I’m going to reference a quote that is not my own. I’m not actually sure who the original author is so I can’t properly cite a source. “Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one, it’s even fine to take pride in it, but it is NOT okay to whip it out in public and wave it in other people’s faces (without their consent.)”

Live your beliefs, allow others to live their beliefs, and guess what – religion wouldn’t BE divisive. It really is (or should be) that simple.


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