DailyBlog: What made you smile this week?

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For the sake of blogging, self-exploration, and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list

Today’s Question: What made you smile this week?

My dogs. All day, every day. (And my cats too!) They always make me smile. Sometimes its a ton of work… (I have a lot. There’s always a blanket to wash, a naughty-pee to clean up, or toys everywhere that need to be picked up) but they are completely worth it, even on the tough days. Every single one of my dogs has a story. They all have quirks that can be hilariously irritating, but you I never get so mad that I can’t burst out laughing again. The Yorkie, Delilah, has an incredibly annoying bark so I discourage her from barking. Sometimes I’ll tell her no and she’ll look me right in the eyes and bark again just to see how I’ll react. Such a cheek! Scout thinks that she’s a doberman, she is SO scrappy. Lily is my emotional support dog, I’ve had her for almost ten years, since she was a puppy, and she literally went through hell and back with me and never once judged me or left my side. Peaches has just enough brain cells to keep herself alive, inbred so badly that her family tree is basically just a stump, but she’s SO derpy-cute. Ellie is the littlest at 3lbs, but man can she tell you off if she’s annoyed. Arya is the sweetest snuggler.

My horses also make me smile. I love learning with them. For many years I didn’t have horses in my life and there was always a big chunk missing. Horses are such amazing, intuitive, sensitive animals. They heal damaged hearts.

No matter what happens with people, these dogs, cats, and horses are always here, and I can’t even think of them without smiling.

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