Dark World: Ruby’s Love for Reese

“I couldn’t help but fall in love with Reese. His eyes were intense; a deep spiral of brown that drew my emeralds toward them like a magnet. His full, pouty lips had just the slightest natural upward turn in their corners so his facial features always glistened with just a hint of mischievousness. His laugh was soft, almost inaudible, but his shoulders would rise and fall with each chuckle. He was often a man of few words, but when he did speak, he chose his words carefully. He had a way of making me feel like every thought I expressed was important and meaningful. The government spent a lot of time and energy expressing to us how meaningless we were as individuals, but when I was with Reese, I felt like the core of the earth. Being around Reese was a rush, an addiction, and the best part of it was that when we were together, he was the core of my earth, too.

Everything about Reese intrigued me. I found myself hanging onto his every word, always desperate to decipher what he was thinking and feeling. His touch had a tenderness about it that melted my heart. He once found a sick butterfly that escaped from one of the labs in our division, and he tried to nurse it back to health. The way he protectively cradled its delicate little body in his big, strong hands brought a tender tear to my eye. I wanted to be that butterfly. I was sick too, only, my sickness was on the inside. I didn’t feel like a whole person. I was angry, conflicted, and mandatorily repressed. I wanted to sink into Reese’s arms and say every word I’ve ever failed to speak out loud out of fear. I knew I couldn’t, though. The government would find out and they would punish us, or worse, they would punish our families. I went back to my barracks that night, curled my legs up to my chest, and tried to bury all of the feelings that wanted to pour out of me like a waterfall. It didn’t matter what my heart was telling me, or what I wanted. I knew I could never be with Reese. I could never tell him that I only felt complete when I was with him. I couldn’t admit to him that he was my other half, my soulmate, the only one that would ever truly understand me. I wasn’t allowed to be in love.”

I love these two almost as much as I love Dany and Jon on Game of Thrones!

The first two installments of the six part Dark World Series are available NOW on Kindle and in Print

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